Colouring the hair has never been more exciting and, working with our style directors and technicians, we can help you to achieve your dream look. Prior to making any decisions, we offer a fully bespoke in depth consultation, as when it comes to colouring then two heads are definitely better than one. Whether you are looking for full head colour or highlights, dip dye, or the latest in fashion colours, our talented and experienced award winning stylists are here for you.

At our salon in Altrincham you can sit back and relax in elegant and luxurious surroundings whilst we create a fabulous image that will make heads turn. Our Colour Department are adept at keeping up with the latest in international hair trends and colour products so that you can enjoy a jet set look at reasonable prices. As part of your consultation we will discuss pricing which is dependent on hair length, and treatments and include half head highlights prices and full head highlights prices. We also offer a retouch and refresh service or semi-glossing as well and starting prices for men’s colouring are available on our webpage.

So whether you want to go for the ice-blonde look, burnished brown tresses or a dramatic rich copper hue, we have something for everyone. Why not try pastel shades in pinks and lilac coloured through to the ends for the festival hair look, or the latest in hair veiling and crazy colour flip reversal, we will work with you to make your dream come true.Check out our range of half highlights prices, full head highlights prices for our full head colour or highlights treatments.

Our colouring team are happy to discuss after-care treatment and signpost the appropriate products to help maintain your full head hair colour or highlights, condition and statement look.