Hair Loss

Hair loss can be an extremely distressing situation for both men and women alike, and often something that is first noticed by your local hairdresser before you start to become fully aware of it. Here at Elliot McClarance, the staff team will treat any of your concerns and questions in the strictest confidence regarding sensitive hair care issues. However, in order to ensure that you receive the best possible information and help for your condition, with your permission, our staff would refer you to hair loss Manchester based clinician Dr Stephen Whiteson.

Dr Whiteson runs a Hair Loss Consultancy Clinic based in Cheadle, Manchester where the aim is twofold. First, he aims to raise awareness of the causes of hair loss and how patients can minimise the chances of losing any more hair. Secondly, he provides medication-only treatment, not surgical, laser or hair replacement treatments. Elliot McClarance have developed this link with Dr Whiteson because of his work with Harley Street based Dr Hugh Rushton, a leading expert in hair loss. Dr Whiteson’s clinic is also conveniently placed on the outskirts of Manchester as there is no other hair loss Altrincham based practitioner.

For women hair loss can be particularly devastating and Dr Whiteson will investigate the possible causes such as alopecia, thyroid, post illness or post pregnancy problems and discuss possible medical treatments. This will involve blood tests and discussion around the case history of the patient and may lead to a second referral to a Consultant Dermatologist or Endocrinologist. For Male Pattern Baldness, dependent on how severe the hair loss is, there may be some relief by taking a prescription based tablet, although the doctor is very clear to point out this only works for a very small number of men and is keen not to give false hope.