in Hale

Hale in Cheshire started out as an agricultural village and eventually ended up as being one of the wealthiest commuter belt locations in the country. Situated to the southwest of Altrincham this is the “village” face of the market town. Large new mansion homes have been built next to old Victorian villas and where once you’d buy a pint of beer at the village pub, now you are more likely to ask for a low fat cappuccino. It is appropriate, therefore, that the salon of choice for the residents of Hale, is Elliot McClarance.

For top class service, in elegant and luxurious surroundings, with competitive pricing and customer service that is second to none, Elliot McClarance has to be the best hairdressers in Hale. Not just a local hairdressers, but a salon that boasts over thirty years of high quality service and choice, with a range of treatments and products that make it a one stop shop for both visitors and residents alike.

The directors, stylists and technicians make up a top team of highly trained and specialised hairdressers in Hale. Within the easily accessible three storey salon, there is the Styling Department for great cuts, hair straightening and conditioning treatments. The Colour Department has demonstrable skill and expertise when it comes to colouring hair, and will work with clients on a one to one basis to revamp and change their overall image. The Specialist Services are there for individual help, advice and guidance, alongside styling for special occasions. Plus, with an online shop, free initial assessment, beauty treatments and gift vouchers, this is the Platinum Standard amongst the hairdressers, Hale community.

With celebrity clients and award winning, highly trained and experienced staff, this hairdressers in Hale is a definitely worth a visit. Elliot McClarance look forward to making your day feel special.